Artisan Drapery and Window Curtain Treatment Specialist

More than just Blinds, or Mini Blinds in Tucson…

Selecting the right draperies and valances can add warmth to a room as well as value to your home. Whether you seek form or functionality, our professionally trained Complete Window Coverings, Inc. consultant can help you navigate the decision-making process.

Whether you need privacy, light control or just improved insulation, we can help you find the perfect solution. We have dozens of basic styles plus unlimited specialty designs to choose from. And with hundreds of fabrics and decorative trims, you can make each treatment your very own.

There are many questions your Complete Window Coverings, Inc. consultant will discuss with you to determine the perfect draperies for your windows.

What about color?
Do the color or colors of the accessory work in your design? It doesn’t necessarily have to match exactly, but a blending color would be nice.

Other color options
You may be going for a dramatic mood, so deciding on a drapery design with a contrasting color may be what is needed. Just make sure that this dramatic effect fits with the mood you are trying to produce.

What about mood?
Just as color can change or define the mood of your room, draperies can enhance the mood you want to create. Does this object feel casual? Elegant? Contemporary? You’ll want your draperies to set the right mood.

What about size?
Your consultant will help you select drapes that fit the space and harmonize with the scale of the furniture its being placed upon. You’ll learn to examine the drapery design in proportion to your display space.

Do you absolutely love it?
It’s your home and you want to love all the details. Your Complete Window Coverings, Inc. consultant will satisfy you with the perfect drapery solution.

Our Fabric
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